Our world is full of wonders. Each place is its own unique rainbow of color, a tapestry of textures, a myriad of sounds and rhythms. Each culture resonates at its own level of energy. And all of these components come together to make up your individual experience and impression of a place.

Most people try to capture their travel experiences through photos, or videos, or souvenirs. Maybe even drawings and colors.

But what if those things weren’t possible? What if all you had were your words? How would you capture the experiences?

I travel almost every day for a living. I’ve taken thousands of pictures. But I want to focus on actually enjoying and absorbing my moments, rather than spending so much of my precious free time trying to take just the right photos.

I am challenging myself to capture my travel experiences without photos, videos, sounds, colors, or textures. If I feel those things are important enough to document, I will recreate them with nothing but my words, the colors black and white, and the creative use of line. What visuals can I convey using only these tools?


I’m Janna Barrett, an explorer. I began this project while serving as the print and production designer aboard a cruise ship. After three contracts of such a lifestyle (568 continuous days of travel), I now reside in New York City.

You can read more about my personal experiences with travel at On the Endless Road.